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A rating community!

3. fierce - ruthless in competition

Important Links: Member's List|Hiatus/Leaving Post|The Application|The Re-Applying Application|The Voted Out Application

I, spectacles_0 created this community because I found that there were very few rating communities that told the truth and as they saying goes, the truth will set you free. This community is for those with attitude, fashion sense, individuality, creativity and beauty. It might not always be nice but unfortunately the truth and peoples opinions aren't always a nice thing. However, our community will apply to all of livejournal's rules and guidelines as well as TOS.

Enjoy yourselves!


Applicant Rules
Please, for your own sake, READ THESE. Do not be an idiot, not reading the rules will most likely result in you being rejected from our community.

1. First and foremost, I would prefer if everyone who applied was at least 16 years of age. This is due to the possible harshness of the comments and the fact that I don't like watching people crying. HOWEVER, this is merely a guideline, if you are this age or younger and feel you can take it and complete the application properly, then please, be my guest.

2. Do not delete your application. Once you have applied, please keep it that way. If you delete your application, YOU WILL BE BANNED. Only apply if you are sure you want to! Also, do not modify your app. If a member requests an explanation or more pictures, COMMENT WITH THEM. People notice believe it or not.

3. Lj-cuts are your friends. Pictures and application go under one. I hate friends page eaters, so don't be one.

4. Myspace angles are an enemy. Don't know what this is? Educate yourself. In the application two clear shots of your face must be posted this means NONE OF THAT. I do not agree with people who take pictures like that and trust me, not many people do. You will not make it far. I also don't like nudes. Especially if you're a girl, or you're ugly. I have a boyfriend, I don't need to see you naked and neither does anyone else. DON'T POST THEM! You will be banned immediately.

5. Make the title of your application "NEWBIE~", because that's the rule and you just have to do it. If you fail to do this, you will be auto-rejected.

6. You can be a baby and comment with one of those ~omg u guyz r s0 m3an to me!~ comments, but it won't make a difference. If you act like this, you will be rejected. There is a reason I have an age preference for the group and that is because babies are not tolerated here. If you're going to act like a baby, I don't think you should be in this community, on livejournal or even using a computer.

7. Do not promote your community on my community, not even in your application!! Save yourself some time and don't get auto-rejected by doing a stupid little thing like that.

8. It is possible that members will be truthful with you, again, please act your age. As I've stated above we follow all livejournal rules, and you should do. Any racial slurs, discrimination, etc will not be tolerated here, from neither members or applicants!

9. Defend yourself, but do not act like a complete fool/idiot. Especially to moderators. You will most likely be banned immediately. Shucks.

10. Sometimes mod's are busy and it will take a few days to get your application stamped. DO NOT COMPLAIN IN A NEW POST. DO NOT MAKE ANY NEW POSTS WHATSOEVER. You may only comment on your own application until and if you are accepted.

11. Do not copy other applicants opinions, musical tastes, etc. Be yourself. KTHX.

12. You may re-apply using THIS alternative re-applying application: here.

The NORMAL application can be found right here: application.

1. Lj-cuts continue to be your friends when making stamped posts.

2. Please make your posts friends only, a title is not needed for the post if you don't want however. I know who is and who is not accepted.

3. Please as a member of livejournal, continue to follow ALL TOS rules/guidelines! Failure to do this will result in being banned.

4. If you are having a serious problem with any of the members of the community, please speak with the maintainer or a moderator. DO NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM YOURSELF. We know you all have the potential to be bitchy and mean, but please hold back and do not cause yourself to get banned. The problem can be dealt with nicely with help of the moderators.

5. STAY ACTIVE. If you are going to be away, please alert a moderator HERE. Please try to post at least once a month when time permits. An un-active community is not fun.

6. Please either put your vote in the subject of the comment or bold it within your comment. If you do not do this and no clear decision is made in your comment, your vote will not be counted at all.

7. Try and base your vote on all aspects of the application as much as you can! And remember to be honest.

8. Try to give some reason for your vote IF POSSIBLE. It's both for me to laugh at if it's a no, or just for the applicant to understand why you said what you said.

9. No nudity will be tolerated. This is not a pornographic community, I do not want to see any part of your naked body, thank you. This goes for applicants as well.

10. Please continue not to promote your other communities. I WILL ACCEPT SISTER COMMUNITIES HERE. Please ask me about it, I will probably accept yours. Just don't mess up and post it in my community because than I will hate you.


Make sure that you read the rules before applying, for your own sake!!


Our activities are:
Monthly Vote Out's

Our community does not have a point system. However, that does not mean we don't not kick you out for being inactive. We are merely a rating community that rates you, and then gives you a place to meet other people.

Where are the promotional banners?

Where is the application located?

Do you accept affiliates?

What do I do if I'm going on hiatus?

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